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Will Graphic Design Help Your Company?

When you’re planning changes to your company’s website design you may have questions about rebranding. If this is the case, you’ll need to consider the impact that graphic design might have upon your web design and ultimately upon the effective communication of your brand…

Whether you’re a start-up or an established business, branding is crucial. Your brand will communicate the values and qualities of your company. It will help you to connect with potential customers, and if you get it right then loyal customers will quickly identify with you when they see your products, website, communications etc.

If you’ve not considered the value of branding and graphic design, here are three areas to consider:

1. Defining Your Brand

Whilst it can be tempting to try and short-circuit this process – particularly in the context of getting your web design looking how you want it – defining your brand is extremely important.

The impact that this will have upon your website design is significant. As you identify what it is that your company offers and the best way to visually communicate this, you will begin to develop a set of tools that can be used in numerous ways (see point 3 below).

Branding will affect your website design in various ways. Your company logo will need to feature prominently. This will impact the structure of your pages, colour scheme and menu layout. It will influence your choice of imagery and photography. Your branding package will determine how you employ typography on your website. By defining your brand, you give yourself a framework within which to think about the rest of your web design.

Creating Distinctive Website Design

Graphic design also enables you to create a distinctive, unique web design. Whilst for many businesses a site that primarily employs photography and typography is a priority, creative graphic designers are capable of producing artwork and graphics which enhance your website design. If you’re looking to communicate in a more creative or innovative way, this may well be a priority.

It also enables you to match up your website design with the branding of your products, your location or your logo. With minimalist web design gaining popularity, employing a graphic designer to work on your website will enable you to find fresh ways to communicate with your audience.

3. Create Professional Stationary and Accessories

It goes without saying that your will want your company to have an integrated branding package. This will typically take a lead from the website design, and the typography and artwork that you choose.

If you’re looking for high quality business cards, marketing emails, stationary and promotional materials then you will reap the benefits of thinking carefully about your graphic design. Your initial investment will ensure that every time you communicate with your clients you will be demonstrating quality and professionalism.

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