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Branding Trends to Pay Attention To

29th June 2023

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Branding is a crucial part of the digital marketing puzzle, especially going forward into the world of brand recognition, customer loyalty, influencer marketing and a ton of other areas. That’s exactly why we’ve put together five of the biggest branding trends that you need to be paying attention to.

Innovation is Vital as a Branding Trend

Like in almost every area online, and completely unsurprisingly as one of our branding trends, innovation remains key. Staying abreast of everything happening online and incorporating that into your branding approach is always going to be a vital part of the puzzle. Of course, the old approaches will keep working. However, it’s vital to keep an ear to the ground if you want to truly thrive in new areas as they arise.

Influencer Marketing Continues to Evolve

We’ve seen influencer marketing prove its worth time and time again. This isn’t set to change as one of our branding trends. However, what it will do is evolve. People are less and less interested in inspirational influencers, aiding the rise of a more relatable take. People want to follow influencers who seem more connected, human and ultimately relatable. Of course, there’ll always be room for inspirational, but relatability is increasingly vital when it comes to influencer marketing.

New Social Media Platforms

From TikTok to Discord, even in just the last year, we’ve seen the rise of new platforms. As well as a challenging of the old guard, with faith and focus slipping from old favourites like Facebook. Being among the first marketers to make use of new social media in your campaigns is always going to produce real results. It’s exactly that kind of innovation that’s always vital. Keep an eye on new social media platforms, because as far as branding trends go, this could be a huge one.

Branding and Social Issues

The fact people have woken up to many hugely important issues around the world. The expectation and onus remains on online brands to demonstrate awareness, activism and understanding. You can’t expect people to respond well to your brand if you’re ignoring major issues going on around you. As a branding trend, this one is here to stay. Although make sure you’re not crossing the line into preachy. All it takes is social awareness, demonstrating that your brand is well-intentioned and aware of the world around you.

Content and content marketing has been vital for a long time, as a branding trend, that’s unlikely to change. However, as always, the quality of that content remains hugely important. Don’t just post whatever. Make sure your content is relevant, self-aware and more than anything, actually useful to the right demographic. For content-based branding and marketing to work, you need to make sure you’re building your content around the right concepts, ideas and areas. Not just spinning your wheels producing endless new videos and text. Or worse, regurgitating old stuff.

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