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How Long Should it Take to Maintain a Website?

8th September 2023

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Most businesses undervalue the importance of website maintenance. Maintaining your website is an essential process that helps to keep your site relevant, up-to-date and effective. It’s a process that takes discipline, skill and attention to detail, but it really is worth it when you win new business because of the strength of your website. In this short article we’ll be asking how long should it take to maintain a website…

How Long Should it Take to Maintain a Website?

The simple answer is that it will completely depend on the kind of website that you have. Needless to say, a simple brochure site for a small business will need less attention than an E-Commerce site for a national retailer. However, the principles of website maintenance are broadly applicable. If you want your website to strengthen and grow your business then investing time and resources in website maintenance is an essential step.

It should also be noted that content creation is an essential part of website maintenance. Adding new, relevant content is a key part of a successful digital marketing strategy, but also falls within the remit of website maintenance.

We’ve broken down the question of how long should it take to maintain a website and applied it to two of the most common types of website.

How Long Should it Take to Maintain a Large E-Commerce Website?

If you have a large E-Commerce website then you should be expecting to update your website daily with new product lines, prices and news items. Unfortunately an out-of-date E-Commerce website will have a detrimental impact upon visitors, most of whom will choose not to purchase products from you.

There are various additional layers of complexity that come with maintaining a large E-Commerce website. This can be simplified by the use of various automatic programmes and apps, which can be used to handle stock control and sale pricing. However, it’s important to devote significant human resources to monitoring and maintaining the site to make sure that it’s performing exactly as your users expect it to.

How Long Should it Take to Maintain a Brochure Website?

If you are a smaller business with a simple brochure website then it can be tempting to leave it for months or even years without making significant changes. However, this kind of neglect often results in ineffective websites that don’t drive revenue and quickly become redundant.

Scheduling a monthly website maintenance check with a list of key processes should help to safeguard against the problems associated with neglecting your website. It will also bring various benefits. Keeping your content fresh and relevant will engage users and assist your SEO performance. If your business has any seasonal variation then this can be factored into your process.

Additionally, a key feature of brochure sites is that they are fast, reliable and easy-to-use. Website maintenance will allow you to ensure that these strengths remain and that your website continues to work hard for your business.

How Long Should it Take to Maintain a Website?

The honest answer is that website maintenance can take anything from a few minutes a month to full-time support. The most important thing is that you have appropriate systems in place and maintain your website regularly. It might not always feel as though you’re making huge progress, but over months and years website maintenance will have a big impact on the success of your website.

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