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Improving Mobile Web Design Experiences

8th September 2023

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Improving Mobile Web Design Experiences

If you’ve experienced the frustration of trying to access a mobile-unfriendly web design, then you’ll be no stranger to the importance of improving mobile website design experiences.

There are numerous issues that can frustrate mobile internet users, most of which are directly caused by poor website design. These can include issues with page size, website speed and the size of images and content. The stark reality is that a perfectly good desktop-orientated web design has the potential to infuriate mobile users.

Something needs to change if we’re going to be create better mobile web design experiences. This may well require a radical departure from our expectations of what a website should look like. It might feel like we’re being defined more by that which we are leaving out than that which we are retaining. However, this kind of approach is not only essential if we’re to connect with mobile site visitors, but also has huge benefits when we come to think about website design more broadly.

Mobile-friendly website design can positively impact the website design industry in a variety of ways. Perhaps the most notable difference is that it causes us to think differently. Taking into consideration mobile users at every stage of the design process helps us to sketch, plan and wireframe in a way which gives room for greater creativity and emphasis on user experience. Implementing a mobile-friendly strategy from the outset – rather than as an afterthought – will ultimately deliver a much better finished product.

It will have a significant impact on the functionality of the website design. Mobile users have very different requirements when it comes to navigation and menus, particularly as they are using a touch screen. This means that buttons and menus need to be bigger, clearer and simpler. Whilst this can feel rather simplistic and unprofessional, it means that we tend to produce much more streamlined, minimalistic websites than those with a desktop user emphasis.

Similarly, the call to action, which is really the ultimate goal of the website (ie what do you want the visitor to do?) will need to be clearly redefined. The contact details, shopping cart need to be particularly clear and accessible in order for mobile users to find them quickly and easily. This also shapes the way that you think about navigation, because there needs to be a clear route through the site resulting in a particular outcome.

Implementing this kind of mobile-first approach will result in big improvements in user experience for your mobile visitors. There is much that we can learn from apps, which tend to feature minimal, highly-targeted content that packs a big punch. Adding this kind of clarity to your website design is a clear way to strengthen your business and impress your audience.

If you’re interested in improving your website design for mobile users, why not contact us today and speak to one of the UK’s leading web design companies.

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