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Web Design: Finding Perfect Photos

17th July 2023

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Web Design: Finding Perfect Photos

It’s a familiar question: how do I find the perfect photos for my web design?

Photography can be an essential component in successful website design. There are few better ways to bring a web design to life than the use of carefully selected photos. It can also be a valuable tool in helping the site visitor experience what it is that your company has to offer, inviting them to imagine the difference that your services can make.

However, choosing the right images can be another matter altogether. It’s often worth thinking about using stock photography. This enables you to choose photographs that are ideally suited for your web design, and essentially allows you to use a professional photographer’s images at a fraction of the cost that you would pay to commission a photographer yourself. If you’ve got questions about stock photographs it’s usually worth speaking to your website designer – they’ll normally have a stock photography provider that they prefer, and will often be able to save you money too.

That said, there are times when stock photography can feel a little artificial and contrived. If you’re looking to communicate a particular warmth or experience through your website design that stock photos cannot provide, then it can prove a rather more complex question. Whilst some businesses prefer the clean, professional feel of carefully sourced stock photos, this doesn’t help those that have different requirements.

What then, are the options available to you? Here are a few ideas to get you started and find the perfect photographs for your website design…

Hire a Photographer

You might choose to hire a photographer. This has a number of advantages. It enables you to be very prescriptive about the kind of images that are taken. It also means that your web design can show the kind of environment that your business is creating – whether it’s your premises, staff or products – and clearly show a potential customer what it is that you offer. Local photographers come in all shapes and sizes, and vary hugely in price and style.

However, this might not be the right solution for you. You’ll generally be limited to images taken on one or two days. If the weather is poor or half the office have a sick bug then this might mean that the results are inadequate.

Find them Online

This is a slightly different option to using stock photography. If you find a photographer (professional or amateur) whose images you like then you might consider approaching them directly to ask for permission to use their images. This might be through Flickr/Picasa/PhotoBucket – or even Facebook!

Take Photos Yourself

A slightly different approach is to take the images yourself. You could invest in an SLR or ask your team to take photos using their smartphones. If you’re looking for highly personalised, down to earth images of your business then this might just be the option you’re looking for.

If you’ve got any questions about website design or sourcing photographs for your website then why not contact us today?

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