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How Voice Search is Impacting Digital Marketing

With voice search here to stay, it’s time to take a long hard look at how it’s going to impact and change the way we approach digital marketing, and voice search marketing, going forward.

From greater levels of influence when it comes to product selection to humanising the interactions with consumers. Voice search is changing one of the most fundamental elements of online consumerism, and businesses need to keep up if they want to benefit.

Voice Search Has Grown Consistently

Over the last few years, voice search marketing has grown from a barely functional fixation of the tech-obsessed to an extremely practical element within millions of homes and businesses. A huge percentage of people use it daily in both their home and professional lives.

Voice search hubs like the Amazon Echo are cheap and frequently placed in central spaces in homes and offices. People are more used to the idea and novelty of voice search than ever before. This really begs the question, how is this going to change the way we market? It’s always going to be vital to keep up with the latest and most powerful tech, and voice search is absolutely no different.

Already, Amazon has utilised their voice search tech to decide which sellers are getting the business when someone asks the vaguely worded “Alexa, order AA batteries”. That’s a level of control and influence few retailers have ever had. Elements like this will play a big role in their approach going forwards. This is exactly why e-commerce businesses should be looking to embrace voice search marketing.

How Does Voice Search Change the Way People are Searching?

One of the biggest changes brought on by voice search technology is always going to be more organic, human search phrases. No more drilling down to simple keyword-based searches as we see on text-based queries. The fact is, people are much more likely to ask a fully formed, natural question.

This means no more trimming away all those stop words and conversational parts of natural speech. These are new variables when determining which keywords to target. This allows businesses many more long-tail keywords to look into. This could actually begin to humanise the internet. Making way for sci-fi style interactions between us and our devices, letting everyone have their very own PA.

The Very Real Opportunity of Voice Search Marketing

The biggest and best opportunity that voice search marketing presents is the chance to get on board now. There are so many new technologies emerging at the same time. It’s always vital to keep abreast when it comes to digital marketing. From VR to 5G, there are tons of amazing new technologies coming to fruition simultaneously. Whenever a new technology comes out, keeping abreast and riding that wave is always going to be absolutely vital as a business. Voice search is no different.