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The Release of the Free Daily Mail Android App

Where art meets web design, the Daily Mail has become the top online newspaper site, so they have now released a free Android app to help users to access it from their mobile phones. It is simple and very easy to use, plus best of all, it does not cost a thing.

Many phones use the Android operating system, including HTC and Samsung, so this app appeals to a large range of people around the world. You are now able to access the Daily Mail site easily and directly from the app itself instead of having to type in the URL into your web browser. This is much more convenient and saves time. You can find out all the latest news whilst on the move, whether it is from your mobile phone or tablet device.

There is even an offline mode available, where the app can download content to your phone, making it ideal if you lose a signal or have to pay per every minute you are logged on. You can opt to select news from a certain country, such as the UK, USA or rest of the world, so the results can be tailored to what you want to see.

The camera icon in each article will show you an image gallery relating to that content. You can also share articles with friends via social network sites or through email. The app is very quick to navigate around when on a Wi-Fi network, although may be slightly slower on a 3G connection. It is very easy to browse from story to story and also customise the content to your personal preferences.