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The Power of Keeping Up 6: Up and Coming Tech Trends to Pay Attention To

            In the last part of our series on the power of following trends, we’re talking about new tech trends. By keeping up with technology, you can expect to see your business not only keep up with the competition but pull ahead. Here are some of the biggest trends in technology lurking on the horizon.

AI Will Continue to Play a Greater and Greater Role

            One thing we can all continue to count on is the growing importance of AI as a tech trends. Whether that’s in the form of chatbots or data analytics, AI technology is steadily changing the fabric of the way we do business online. By allowing businesses to take a much more personalised approach, with painstaking attention to detail, you can expect to see services become more useful while becoming entirely more personalised.

Chatbots have become commonplace. They ARE useful to customers and businesses alike. By providing twenty-four-hour customer service as well as helping customers with their more basic requests. Chatbots allow businesses to convert more of their traffic while requiring little to no human input.

The same goes for AI data analytics. This is already big business and when it comes to digital marketing and tech trends, it’s absolutely huge. Already, AI data analytics is changing the net, and it’s going to get steadily more prevalent and powerful. That’s well worth taking note of going forward.

VR and AR

            As a tech trends, virtual reality is a biggie. We’ve been promised convincing VR since the eighties and it’s only just in the last five years that that has finally started to come to fruition. While this is always going to be great news for gamers and hobbyists, increasingly, it’s going to provide plenty of other useful functions within businesses and homes.

Already, there are web browsers designed to run on virtual reality headsets, allowing you to work without the need for a monitor. On a screen that could be as big as an IMAX. Augmented reality looks set to play a similarly important role going forward. It’s set to be a major coming tech trends.

Responsive Design Continues to Be a Vital Tech Trends

            Fundamentally, all this means one thing remains absolutely vital. Responsive design. Without optimising your website to work perfectly no matter what the device, you’re going to struggle as wave after of new tech trends come sweeping out. That’s no good as a business in today’s competitive online world.

You need to make sure your website is designed to adapt and work well no matter the device. You not only know that it works on mobile devices but is easily optimisable for the next generation of tech trends. In short, you’re future-proofing. That’s vital going forward.