The Power of Keeping Up 4: 2020 Mobile Site Trends

28th September 2020


The Power of Keeping Up 4 2020 Mobile Site Trends

 In this week’s section of our six-part series on why trends are so powerful in web design and development, we’re talking mobile site design 2020. Trends and what you need to know!

2020 Mobile Site Design is Vital

            The fact is, everyone uses a smartphone daily nowadays. For businesses working online, having a 2020 mobile site that caters to mobile consumers is absolutely vital. A huge percentage of online shopping is done on mobile devices, and that percentage is only set to grow in the coming years.

No business can afford to neglect such a huge slice of potential customers, which is exactly why mobile website design is crucial. Websites failing to prioritise mobile customers run the risk of seeming behind the times and dated, not to mention unprofessional. There are lots of benefits to proper 2020 mobile site design, from access to a wider range of potential customers to effectively future-proofing your business, mobile web design trends are something no business can afford to ignore.

Mobile Friendly Web Design is the Bare Minimum

            A few years ago, it was completely feasible to go without a mobile-friendly website design. Maybe not a few years ago, let’s say ten years ago. That was a long time ago. You should not be basing your business’s website design on what was acceptable pre-2010. Therefore passable 2020 mobile site design is the absolute bare minimum. You cannot get away with not having it anymore.

More than that, responsive mobile website design is the structural foundation that allows you to both include all your customers while integrating new technology as and when you need to.

3 Major 2020 Mobile Site Design Trends

            Never underestimate page loading speed. Ever. One of the most important features of any website, both on mobile and desktop, is always going to be page loading speed. People expect convenience, and that’s never been more true than in 2020.

Contrasting colours are a powerful choice. Sure, it might be nice to be calm and understated. You might think a quieter colour-scheme is gentler and slicker, more professional maybe. However, contrast is what gets people’s attention and holds it. Therefore, you need bright, even neon colours and contrasts if your website is going to fit in with the 2020 mobile site competition.

Don’t overwhelm. When we look back at older generations of websites, one reoccurring factor repeatedly crops up. Overcomplicated, dense and unpleasant layouts that immediately overwhelm the viewer. We get it, it’s cool to be vintage, and the 80s are making a comeback. However, don’t confuse that with the worst of late-90s website design.

Effective Mobile Web Design Future-Proofs Your Online Business

            What really great 2020 mobile site design does is effectively future-proof your business. This means you’re creating a platform that allows you to reach out through any device. As a result, that doesn’t just mean smartphones. That means tablets and notebooks too. More interestingly, it means new technologies like virtual reality and augmented reality. Therefore, you’re creating a website that’s ready for new tech and the future.