The Power of Keeping Up 2 – Drawing from Web Design Trends in 2020

16th September 2020


Drawing from Web Design Trends in 2020

In the second part of our series on the power and importance of keeping up with trends, we’re talking current web design trends 2020. Keeping abreast of these ideas is going to help you design a website that absolutely looks and seems contemporary and cutting-edge. Everyone knows paying attention to trends is vital. You can’t ignore the competition and paying attention to trends is the core of that.  

Load Time and Speed are the Key

            The single most important thing when it comes to all things web design is always going to be speedy loading. Bounce rate is massively influenced by page load speed, it’s a hugely important aspect of designing a successful, powerful website. Without it, you’re going to build a great-looking websites that regularly underperforms and pushes potential visitors, customers and revenue away.

Website design needs to be modern, cutting-edge and engaging, but it also needs to be fast loading and reliable. It can’t look spectacular and work perfectly, but take seconds and seconds to load up and function. This is too limiting.

That’s why, when it comes to website design trends, you always need to be thinking about page loading speeds and functionality. Never just focus on aesthetics alone. Sure, a huge, high-res picture looks beautiful, but is it worth the extra second and a half of load time? Weigh up your options and be strategic.

Minimalism and Open Space Web Design Trends 2020

            One trend that’s never going to go out of style is the use of minimalism and open space. Negative space in your web design 2020 is always going to let you convey a sheer modernism, simplicity and functionality that leaves the user in no doubt as to the modernity and innovation of your business.

What’s more, negative space is quick loading and easy to integrate into a solid website design. It might look to you that you could fill the space with more, but as they say, less is more. Especially in this case.

Luminous Colour Schemes in Web Design Trends 2020

            Bright and neon colours look fantastic when used right in a modern, stylish website design. As a major web design trend 2020, this use of colour achieves multiple things. Not only does it look great, but it harks back to an ‘80s futurism that’s both very popular and absolutely engaging. If you’re looking to create a website that looks new and classic simultaneously, consider your colour choices very carefully.

Be Original, But Don’t Try Too Hard

            The key of keeping up with web design trends 2020 is simple. Pay attention to the competition and try to be original, but it’s only through relaxing and letting creativity thrive that you can create something truly spectacular. You cannot force an amazing website design to come together through sheer willpower alone. It requires some degree of experimentation and creativity. Pay attention to your competition, but absolutely create something new and engaging