The Beauty of Illustrative Web Design

4th January 2012


Where art meets web design, there are a number of different ways to produce an effective and visually attractive website, although illustrations are a great way to showcase a product or brand. They help to show creativity and increase interest through being visually impactive using bright colours, vivid imaging, funky fonts and many more techniques. It also gives a unique edge to the site that others cannot copy, giving the site an advantage over others.

Illustrative designs can come in a number of different forms. 2D can sometimes look quite retro, whereas 3D can look more modern, but each one can look just as good as the other if done in the right way. For example, the Carsonified website has a 2D design complete with embellishments and colourful text within speech bubbles against a black background. This makes the images and text stand out much more, making it look attractive, sophisticated and professional, yet fun at the same time.

It is also possible to use a bright-coloured background and place black text on top. This often gives more emphasis to the photos rather than the text, so it depends what sort of website you want and which one is more important for your brand. When using a bright background such as yellow, pink or lime green, it will not usually look as good with any other colour text apart from black on top, otherwise it can be too in-your-face and psychedelic. If you have a light blue background, using slightly darker text of the same shade or even navy can often work quite well. It is best to play around with the designs and see which images and text suit the background and complement each other well.