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Web Design Features to Avoid

Web design can be hard to get just right, which is why having an experience professional on board is well worth considering. This will help to eliminate the possibility of a bad design with many mistakes. There are certain features to avoid when creating your design.

Using a lot of Flash is a big turn off for visitors, as it will slow down the transition between pages and take ages to load on their screens. This will probably cause them to click off and search elsewhere, losing you business.

Avoid adding music players to your site, as this also slows it down. If you are a musician or an events company then this should be fine, but make it optional, so users can turn it on rather than have to turn it off after visiting.

If you request visitors to register before they can see the full site, then this will also cause many of them to leave, as it creates hassle for them. They want to be able to access the site easily and quickly without any problems. They may also be wary that they might receive spam after signing up. Do not send out newsletters unless they have opted in for this service otherwise you could lose customers.

Make sure new pages do not open in a new web browser window, as this can put visitors off and slow down their computer. It does not make for easy transition between the various pages. Keep your website simple and easy to navigate around with a clear layout and navigation bar. Only include relevant information and do not overload them with lots of pictures or flashy designs.