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5 Benefits of Effective Responsive Website Design

Responsive website design is vital nowadays. Mobile devices have long-since outstripped desktops and laptops, and creating websites that are adaptive and responsive is a huge part of simply creating sites that can keep up as the times and tech changes. There are loads of benefits to effective responsive web design too; here are five of the biggest and best.

Increased Mobile Traffic

This almost goes without saying as mobile has long since overtaken desktop browsing. Even if your business isn’t one that you think will attract many smartphone visitors. Let me assure you, being responsively designed will help always massively, and mobile traffic is only going to keep taking a bigger chunk of the online browsing traffic.

Improved Mobile Development

Every year, a new smartphone or device comes out, stepping up previous features, making use of new technology and making things tricky for older, less adaptive websites. Having an effectively designed responsive website is a solid way to keep moving with the times. Make sure that your website can adapt as new tech, new trends and other developments take hold.

Faster Webpages = Lower Bounce Rates

It’s long been true that the slower your webpages are, the more people that are going to give up on it, click back and go to the next option down on the Google SERP. For every additional second of waiting, bounce rates have been found to increase by over 100%.

Page loading speeds are an important focus of responsive website design. Mobile websites need to do more with less data, and they need to do it fast. All these are important factors when it comes to effective responsive web design.

Improved SEO

It’s never been more competitive online than now. More businesses and websites spring up daily. Even if you’re locked into a small niche, you’re always at risk of being undercut on the SERPs. Prioritising effective SEO is a big part of responsive website design.

Search engines prioritise responsive websites, as well as page speed, content and all the other typical elements. As well as that, having up to date, modern coding and techniques behind your website will only make it easier to properly optimise for SEO.

Effective Responsive Web Design = Higher Conversion Rates

All these factors come together at the end of the day to mean one big thing for your website. Higher conversion rates. Better positioning on the SERPS, higher web visibility, increased traffic and a better website overall all work together to make sure that your conversion rates continue to grow.

Utilising responsive website design isn’t just a clever thing to do. It’s the logical thing to do, especially when it comes to keeping up with the times. Responsivity is an effective way to stave off obsolescence while building a website up to date with all the current trends.