Redeeming Social Media

6th March 2013


It might seem as though web designers are somewhat out of touch when it comes to social media. After all, we talk about it a lot, and almost exclusively in positive terms. Whilst many of use enjoy using social media on a daily basis, Facebook ‘friendships’ can often seem insincere and leave us yearning for something more…

It’s true that it is easy to quickly accrue more ‘friends’ than you could ever realistically hope to keep in touch with, and it often seems as though you’re hearing more about the people that you’re less interested in than the ones that you are! Social media connects us with people all over the world – people that we haven’t seen for years, or maybe haven’t even met in person – and it can leave us feeling rather unsatisfied.

Nevertheless, we’re persuaded that social media remains a powerful pool. It gives us an opportunity to have a degree of friendship with those that we couldn’t otherwise contact. It helps us engage with like-minded people that we might not be able to meet otherwise. Quite simply, social media helps us connect with more people that we ever thought possible…

Given these common reservations about social media, it’s fascinating to see this new project that is being launched through Kickstarter. US artist Ty Morin is attempting to collect photographs of all 700+ of his Facebook friends. This might not sound particularly impressive, but Morin is planning to take each photograph in person. In their most common working/social environment. Using an old 8×10 Camera.

In many ways this project is a visual demonstration of what has been happening in the world of social media. Whilst some people have become dissatisfied by such impersonal forms of interaction, and subsequently left, others have sought to redeem social media. Whether it’s by photographing all of your friends, or simply wishing an old schoolmate happy birthday,  small actions can make a big difference. Important premises – that each person is valuable, difference, worthwhile etc – can still be upheld by taking a deliberate, intentional approach to social media.

As web designers we are persuaded that there is real value in embracing social media, knowing its limitations and making it work for you. The same principles lie at the heart of web design; a website will never replace personal interaction, but is instead a platform to communicate a warm and personal message to as wide an audience as possible. It’s true that social media is no replacement for personal interaction – neither is website design – but how else could you hope to connect with such a wide and diverse audience?

We’re passionate about exceptional web design, and we’re passionate about people. Social media is a tool which can help with both!

You can find out more about the Kickstarter project here. To find out about how social media can work for you and your marketing team why not contact us today?