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Prioritising Your Portfolio

There is much to be gained from an impressive online portfolio.

In an increasingly competitive world, it’s likely that your rivals have much to offer. Many businesses have worked hard to improve their web design and online presence, realising how crucial this is to commercial success. An exceptional website will help you stand out from the crowd, but it’s important to realise that this alone might not be enough to increase your sales.

The problem is this; just because you have an impressive web designer doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re the best in your field.

This is why your online portfolio is so important to the growth of your business.

Your portfolio demonstrates what you are capable of doing. It shows that you are skilled in your field and are as good as anybody in your industry. If you have particular expertise or capabilities then a helpful portfolio is a brilliant, understated way of letting website visitors know that your services are top-quality.

Your portfolio also demonstrates that you are experienced. It’s one thing saying that you are an established company with a great reputation; a well constructed portfolio proves beyond doubt that this is the case. Clients want to know that you can be trusted, and there are few better ways of doing this than to show the successful projects that you’ve undertaken in the past. It’s not simply a case of showing your skills; your portfolio will show clients that you’re able to manage a project from start-to finish, and this builds trust.

An online portfolio is also a great way to highlight the ongoing relationships, contacts and clients that you have. If a site visitor likes your company but is concerned about your ability to handle their project, a list of businesses and brands that have trusted you with their reputation will help to reassure the visitor that you’re capable of doing a top job. It also honours the clients who have worked with your company and shows your ongoing commitment to them.

Finally, a portfolio is a key part of your web design for this simple reason; in many industries it will be a huge factor in determining whether or not you turn pageviews into conversions. If you work hard on maintaining your website design and attracting traffic to your site through search engines but fail to convert this into results, then maybe you need to include, update or re-think your online portfolio. This includes your content (ie previous projects), the visual design and effect of the portfolio and the response that it calls for.

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