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How to Create the Perfect Social Media Post for Your Business

Last week we asked the question “is it possible to create the perfect social media post?” It can often feel as though social media success is easy for the global brands and household names but more difficult for normal businesses. However, by taking a long-term view and applying the lessons you learn over time it’s absolutely possible to create the perfect social media post. In this short article we’ll explore a number of steps that you can take to improve your social media strategy and develop your own formula for creating the perfect social media post for your business.

Step 1: Create a Social Media Strategy

The first important step is to think through what you’re trying to achieve. This involves identifying the things that your customers are going to find engaging. You’ll need to think about who is going to actually produce the updates, and what time you’re going to share them. It’s also important to think about which social channels you’re going to use, and what kind of language/tone/hashtags you’re going to choose for each one.

Step 2: Find the Best Photos for Social Media

It’s not really surprising that the most successful social media posts invariably include eye-catching photos. It doesn’t matter if you don’t create beautiful products; even professional services firms, traditionally regarded as some of the hardest to advertise to the mass market, are essentially about helping people. Images which draw the eye and intrigue the user are much more likely to be clicked by users. It will also help to set you apart from the competition; companies who brand themselves well are much more likely to be trusted by users.

Step 3: Think of Engaging, Provocative Titles

If you want people to click through to your content (one of the most valuable uses of social media) then you’ll need to start thinking of engaging, provocative titles that people can’t resist clicking. Using questions, bold statements and cheeky straplines is a great way to maximise user engagement and get full value for your content.

Step 4: Start Creating Useful Content

Remember, it’s not enough simply to get users to click through to your site. Once they’re arrived you need to give them a reason to stay, come back and share what they’ve found with their friends.

There are various ways to go about this. If you’re a good storyteller then you might want to paint the narrative which lies behind your business – how you started, what you’re learning etc. If you’re an expert in your field then it’s wise to start sharing that knowledge with your readers. It can feel a little nerve-wracking, particularly if your customers pay for your knowledge/services, but an important first step is winning their trust and giving them a reason to come back for more.

Step 5: Learn from your Social Media efforts, Improve and Repeat

The best social media practitioners draw on years of experience and lessons learned the hard way. By regularly reviewing your progress – perhaps on a monthly or quarterly basis – and seeing what’s worked and what hasn’t you’ll be able to improve your social media strategy and enhance your performance going forwards…

Image: Social Media by Sean McEntree on Flickr (Creative Commons)