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No More “Kodak Moments”?

It’s a well-known phrase that will bring to mind all kinds of happy memories. We can all think about those “Kodak moments” when special occasions were captured on film. Whether it was a family wedding, summer BBQ or holiday abroad, there has traditionally been no better way of capturing the essence of the moment than capturing a precious handful of snaps on a film camera. All that you needed to fill up your photo albums for time immemorial was an inexpensive compact camera and some big smiles.


Despite the powerful nostalgia that these images recall, in recent years Kodak has been a company in a state of economic freefall. Long gone are the heady days of 1976 when the brand had a 90% share of the photographic film market in the USA. Although Kodak was an early adopter of the digital technology that has revolutionised photography, developing a digital camera of their own in 1975, plans were dropped because of fears that it could threaten the film photography market in which Kodak was so dominant. This concern has proved a reality, with film and print sales today coming almost to a standstill.


The latest chapter in the sad demise of Kodak is the recent announcement that the company will no longer be producing consumer printing products. With the overwhelming success of social media it seems that in general we are no longer as interested in printing our photos. This would mirror commercial trends, with website design often replacing print media strategies. The company maintain that recent closures of previously crucial departments – Kodak also stopped selling digital cameras in February this year – are necessary measures as restructuring plans take shape, but it would seem that they are fighting against the odds.


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