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New ‘Magical’ Tool for Device Compatibility

A brand new web design framework has been developed that allow you to scale your website to suit any type of device, such as a computer, television, SmartPhone or tablet. With the increasing use of devices other than desktops and laptops to access the internet these days, it is so important for businesses to have a layout that is user friendly for a number of different portable devices. This ensures that the full extent of customers wanting to access their site can do so from wherever they are, using whatever device. This in turn will increase revenue sales, as they are less likely to get frustrated and leave after logging on.

The new tool is called Foundation and simply adapts the existing web design to suit different types of devices. The resolution can change, as well as the links becoming buttons for smartphones and tablets, making them easier for users to click on. Layouts can also change and images can rescale themselves.

This service is much easier and less time consuming than having to manually rescale and adapt the web design for different devices. Many consumers get fed up with flashy websites with large images and lots of small links and text when accessing via a mobile phone, so having a much more simple and minimalist version of a site can be a big advantage. It won’t take so long to load on their screens, allowing them to stay interested and browse the site without getting frustrated and wanting to leave early. All businesses should take note of how important it is to have a mobile and tablet friendly version of your site.