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National Novel Writing Month

Is there anything that you always dreamed of doing but have never quite plucked up the courage to try? Whether it’s line-dancing or skydiving, many of us secretly wish that we could do something very different with our lives. If you’ve always dreamed of becoming a novelist, then you will be delighted to hear that every November marks the start of National Novel Writing Month, a project birthed in San Francisco in 1999 to get people writing… If you’ve spotted the rather unusual abbreviation ‘NaNoWriMo’ on Twitter or Facebook then it’s more than likely that your friends have signed up this for this year’s instalment.

The premise is very simple. If you sit down every day in November and write 1,667 words then by the time you’re cracking open the advent calendar you will have completed your very own 50,000 word novel. Believe it or not, in just 30 short days you can become a novelist. Apparently this year up to 300,000 people are undertaking the project, and last year 36,843 budding writers finished their very own novel within the month. There have even been one or two particular success stories where NaNoWriMo novelists have had their work published and made the breakthrough to professional novelist. For the majority of people the opportunity to actually write a book and introduce yourself as a novelist is reward in itself.

To help you along the way you can register your progress online, and the event organisers use social media to host ‘sprints’ which help communities of writers focus their energies and meet their daily targets.

Here at viziononline we’re web designers, but we find the idea of National Novel Writing Month fascinating. We’re very familiar with the discipline of sitting down each day to produce creative solutions, design websites and help our clients produce engaging and SEO-rich content.

We think that National Novel Writing Month is a great idea. Anything that encourages creativity and helps people achieve something that they have always aspired to do can only be a good thing. If you’re hoping to finish your first novel over the next few weeks then we wish you the best of luck!