Making Social Media Complement Your Website Design

2nd August 2013


The near-universal adoption of social media is great news for business.

It creates a completely different dynamic between companies and their clients. There are many reasons why social media has taken such a radical hold in our lives, but it has to be said that the removal of the barriers that exist between us – geography being the a prime example – has given us a completely new way to create, build and sustain relationships.

However, the truth is that many businesses are still relatively weak in their handling of this powerful tool.

It’s often something which web designers recommend and integrate to websites, but which isn’t adopted well by their clients. In fact, many of us think that social media for business remains firmly entrenched in the domain of marketers and social media managers. However, in most businesses these roles aren’t staffed – and probably never will – which means that web designers and clients need to rethink the way that they approach their social media strategy.

The first thing that is worth saying is that social media will always have an enormous overlap with your website design. It gives you a completely new platform to engage with existing clients – ideally in a way which complements your website’s content – and the opportunity to express yourself in a slightly different way to the voice which you employ on your website. The more informal, colloquial nature of social media enables us to laugh, express ourselves and take steps into our customers’ lives which we would never normally be able to.

However you use your social media platforms – to share news, offer discounts to loyal customers or simply to demonstrate the normal, everyday side to your business – you will be connecting with customers in their home and workplace. This gives you multiple opportunities to send out the messages that you want your audience to receive.

Here are two simple ways to improve your handling of social media.

1. Give people a reason to follow you. If connecting with you via social media gives a customer access to cheap products, new offers, industry insights and maybe even something that will make them laugh, then more people are going to engage with you in this way. It’s vital that you give people a reason to follow you and explain the advantages/rewards of doing so. If social media is not interesting and informative then it will fail to connect with people.

2. Approach your social media profiles with the same diligence that you would your website design. Ensure that you’re applying your branding in a consistent and visually attractive way. This will give your social media profiles a professional edge, and clearly identify them with your company. Whilst social media platforms tend towards uniformity, we’re so drawn to visually pleasing content that failing to provide this is a bit like shooting yourself in the foot. If you have an opportunity to stand out from the crowd and apply your website design branding package, then you should probably take it.