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Why Link Building is Essential for SEO and Web Visibility

It’s long been an important facet of search engine optimisation, but why is that? And is it even still all that important? Link building and backlinking are the SEO method of getting other, high authority sites to link back to your site, essentially providing an endorsement that’s most clear to the search engine crawlers.

Historically, using links as a ranking factor is what set Google apart way back in the 90’s. Back then, it was a hugely innovative way to gauge websites of genuine value, and it was so innovative that it’s still a powerful facet of SEO today.

Commonly seen as one of the more difficult elements of getting a website to rank well, link building remains an important aspect of ranking. Here’s why it’s so essential for SEO and web visibility, and why you should be doing it.

The More Backlinks, the Better You’ll Rank

The fact is, every single backlink from a high authority site is a seal of approval that couldn’t be clearer to search engines. It’s common practice to simply get as many links returning to your site as possible, but there are risks and dangers attached. Low-quality links can set you back hugely, as Google is increasingly wary of such tricks.

No More Tricks

The fact is, over the last five years, the Google search algorithm has only gotten more and more complex, and better at recognising genuine content and authority online. That’s great news for content creators and white hat SEO guys, and less great for people that think they can game the system with cheap, keyword-stuffed or shabby SEO tricks.

Not only are they prioritising genuine, organic content and links, but Google actively chases and disciplines websites that use cheap, black hat tactics, like in cases of major businesses keyword stuffing, and getting penalised and relegated way back to page sixteen of the Google result. In short, you need an SEO or website design company that appreciates the importance of genuine, quality SEO tactics.

Quality is Important

That essentially means that it’s all about real, quality content, and getting links back from real, high authority sites. It’s all about authenticity, and if you can combine that with quantity, that’s great, but as a starting point, quality is where you want to be.

Number of Backlinks is a Huge Metric to Google

As far as Google is concerned, backlinks are one of the few ways to truly quantify how useful your website is to the rest of the internet. That makes it hugely important to generating your search result page ranking.

However, in essence, SEO experts have come to the conclusion that if it’s a choice between quantity or quality, links from high authority, trusted websites will always carry infinitely more weight and are definitely more worthwhile pursuing.

Overall, backlinks are a great way to boost your sites rankings, but only if you’ve got the right SEO or website designer capable of getting those links in the right places.