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How to Integrate Branding into Your Website Design

Branding is a vital part of website design, especially important when it comes to building solid brand awareness. Here’s how you should integrate branding with your website design.

Never Neglect Branding

Branding is a vital part of putting together a website that actually reflects your business. In a world where literally anyone can throw together a basic template website, creating a website that actually reflects your business in a meaningful way is hugely important.

There’s no getting away from the fact that good branding website design is one of the most important elements when it comes to setting your website and business apart from increasingly crowded competition online.

Branding lays the groundwork for proper customer loyalty, as well as growing and developing online visibility. It’s a fundamental element of website design, necessary when you’re building more than just another site. You’re building your businesses site.

Style is Crucial

Style is a huge element of web design. Whether we’re talking brusque minimalism, starkly and boldly thrusting your business forward, or something a little more homely and artsy, the style of your website houses the branding.

There’s several things you need to be bearing in mind as far as the style of your website is concerned. You want to create a website that matches up with current style trends, without being overly samey. Stepping further away from the current website design trends can be risky, but it can also result in a more distinctive website, playing back into quality branding.

Branding website design and style are dependant on each other, if you want to have a site that really gels effectively. Whether you want the juxtaposition of sharp minimalism and pastel shades or the matching artsy stylings and gentle colour, you want to make sure things work together, while prioritising branding.

Colour is a Valuable Tool When it Comes to Web Design Branding

Colour is an important part of branding and marketing as a whole. Did you ever wonder why so many of the biggest, most successful websites online (looking at you, Facebook and Twitter) boast a generally blue colour scheme? That’s because according to marketing psychology, blue is one of the more trustworthy, likeable and engaging colours going.

All the different colours have different effects on the viewer, but the extent to which this is true isn’t really known. Either way, it’s important to prioritise your colour selection beyond what looks pretty.

Branding website design is an important element when it comes to colour. This is because it’s not just going to be the branding of your site. It’s going to be the branding of your social media pages, your entire online presence, and even your physical business presence. That can’t be decided on a whim.

Integrating Social Media Branding

It’s important to integrate elements of your social media branding when it comes to your onsite branding. These two absolutely need to match, uniformity is key here. When it comes to branding website design, social media needs to be implemented at a basic level.

Without effective branded uniformity, you can’t expect to develop any meaningful brand recognition or awareness going forwards. Branding needs to be across all your company’s web presence.