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How to win Over Your Customers

It is important to consider what features your web design needs to have that are crucial for customers. You need to think about what they want from your site and the ease of access that it has for them. This will make or break its success and if you get it right, lead to further sales.

If it is an information-based site then it needs to be set out clearly and be easily accessible without too many flashy designs getting in the way of the content. Make sure the text flows well and is written in a consistent and concise way. It should be free from any spelling and grammar mistakes and use the right font suitable for its audience. Do not use too many colours as this can look unprofessional and ruin the design. A colour scheme of just one or two different shades is ideal.

For ecommerce websites, extra care should be taken. People will be investing their money in your services or products so they need to feel it is safe, as well as being easy to use. The design must be simple but professional and be clearly set out so the customer can be guided through the transaction process with ease. A FAQs section and contact details are a must, as they will help eliminate any doubts your potential customer may have. Lots of flashy graphics can slow a website down, which is not something someone wants when they are trying to make a purchase, so bare this in mind. It is a good idea to make your ecommerce site mobile friendly to enable people to make transactions whilst out and about, thereby increasing your income.