How Effective is Your Content Marketing?

30th March 2015


How Effective is Your Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a relatively new phrase that describes an age-old principle. In a nutshell, content marketing involves creating and distributing highly valuable content. It involves communicating the very best things that you can do in a way which builds trust with your audience and encourages more people to buy your services.

Content marketing has some similarities to marketing. It involves portraying your business in the best possible light. You’ll try to find and connect with people who will be interested in your goods and services. The goal is to persuade people that you are the solution to their problems, questions and opportunities.

However, in 2015 content marketing has a unique appeal; it’s free. Every business can use content marketing to generate interest and win business. Even if you don’t have a marketing budget as such, content marketing gives you an opportunity to market your business to prospective customers.

We tend to see content marketing as consisting of one or two key activities such as business blogging, email newsletters and social media marketing. However, content marketing can be much wider than that. Anything that you create which adds value in the marketplace and shows your authority is a potentially effective form of content marketing.

Other examples of content marketing would be infographics, video and press releases. The format isn’t the important thing. It’s important that you work out who your potential customers are and find creative ways to connect with them.

How Effective is Your Content Marketing?

One of the biggest frustrations that most businesses experience with content marketing is that it’s hard to work out how well it’s working. Working out a way to measure the effectiveness of your content marketing is a key step. This will help you to see how effective your content marketing has been (ie value generated) and work out how to make it better going forwards.

Undertaking a content marketing audit is one way to achieve this. Digging into your blog stats and social media metrics will give you an idea of how far your content is reaching. Identifying your conversion rate (ie the % of users who actually end up buying from you) is another important step.

How Much Are You Giving Away?

However, it’s possible to do all of this and still not know how effective your content marketing is. After all, it’s hard to measure the true impact of 100 Facebook likes or a set of search engine rankings for various keywords.

If you’re able to get an accurate read of your conversion rates then this will certainly help. However, one of the most powerful questions you can ask is “how much am I giving away”?

You see, the most effective content marketers are constantly giving away information. They’re constantly sharing their skills and experience. They understand that everybody can see this – even their competitors – and yet they choose to do it anyway.

Why is this? Well, the people who give the most away have understood content marketing the best. By giving the very best away – for free – you build incredible trust with your audience. It is this trust that converts into loyalty, sales and ultimately helps you to leverage your content and go viral. When people know that you’ve gone to great lengths to help them – without charging – it’s amazing how quickly they’ll be prepared to pay for your services in the future.