Google techno glasses

9th April 2012


Where art meets web design Google have invented a new gadget called techno glasses, which add emails, Google searches and directions over your view of the world, whilst out and about. It is quite a hard concept to get the hang of at first, as it really is a very futuristic form of technology, but can have a wide range of benefits. It simply brings web design to your everyday life.

The glasses are controlled by voice and also provide GPS directions and video chat through a built in screen, as well as many other great features. They run on a type of Android operating system, just like some mobile phones do, and use a microphone icon and other features similar to these devices.

Google is a huge global company, mainly popular for its easy to use and extensive search engine tool. It does, however, have many other features, such as an email facility, new social network called Google Plus, online document editor and file sharing, Google Maps and a whole lot more. So many people all around the world use it everyday that the term “Googling” has become a common verb when wanting to find something out online.

The gadget basically computerises your everyday life. It can help with a number of tasks, such as informing you that the tube station ahead is suspended, what the current weather is, or even directions to the place you are heading. Google have not yet explained how the glasses work or when they will be launched, but it is a very interesting concept to find out more about, and could well change our lives in future years to come.