Future Steps of Web Design

30th January 2012


Web design is constantly changing to meet the demands of customers and new trends. There have been many advances in this sector over recent years, especially the use of two different designs for one website. This has been because of the increasing number of people using mobile phones to log onto the internet. Websites have had to realise this idea and make a second version of their site to become compatible to view on a smartphone screen. Some have decided to create dedicated apps to download instead, which can also make it easier for mobile phone users to access when out and about. It simplifies the design so that it is much quicker to download from page to page, as well as having links as larger image buttons that can be clicked on easily. Text and photos are reduced to keep the design as simple as possible and make it easy to navigate around.

Tablet devices and smartphones with bigger screens may not need this mega simplified version of your site, so it is a good idea to have something in between at the same time. Research this well or speak to a web designer who can offer the best option to resolve this issue and help to build any new designs that you may need. Responsive web design plays a big part in this, as you can use it to optimise the design to the different size screens that people access your site from. You can just have one web design created and changed to suit different screen sizes using CSS. It all boils down to the resolution of the screen.