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Branding Needs to Be a Part of SEO Content

When it comes to content copywriting, whether that’s for your site content or articles, infographics and the like, branding is absolutely essential for SEO. Here’s why that is.

Core Brand Message

When it comes to establishing your voice as a brand online, few things are quite as ideal a vehicle as content. Not only does it allow you to really set the tone, but it also allows you to explore and develop your core brand message.

You’re not just ramming these ideas down your audience’s throats either. By utilising content for marketing, you can raise your online visibility while providing real value to people.

The key is to produce quality content that people actually want to read and view while instilling that same content with your core brand message, SEO and general branding. There’s no need to be overly subtle about it, this isn’t designed to trick people into trusting your business, but rather to engage with your audience in a way that benefits them while making it totally clear that they’re engaging with a business.

The Power of Content

There’s a reason why the phrase ‘content is king’ is still endlessly bandied about when it comes to digital marketing. As the search algorithms continue to get cleverer, it’s harder to trick them with black hat SEO techniques.

The easiest way to rank well nowadays isn’t a load of technical SEO trickery. Instead, to actually provide a website that people want to visit.

There’s still very much a technical element to SEO. This is especially true in areas like page speed. However, quality, original, valuable content is where it’s at when it comes to building a steady flow of visitors and maintaining a high SERP ranking.

Quality content can tie your whole marketing approach together. Linking out to social media accounts and vice versa, and providing real value on your site. That’s as well as providing branding SEO elements.

Regardless of the nature of your business, everyone can stand to benefit from amazing content. Not only is it vital to content marketing, but it’s an amazing vehicle for branding SEO and brand development. No one can afford to neglect that in today’s insanely overpopulated online marketplace.

Branding Voice and SEO

There’s a big difference between a brand like Lush and a brand like BAE. One of them has managed to humanise themselves to a massive degree. Establishing humour and an ethical standpoint, the other sells weapons.

Maybe that’s an unfair comparison. You get my point, though: through content marketing and effective brand voice development, Lush has established themselves as an ethical, friendly and natural business.

Incidentally, both Lush and BAE are still both vast corporations, out to make the maximum profit at all times. Brand voice, PR and tone are some of the key reasons why so many people have such different feelings towards each of them.

Tie Your Branding SEO to Real Value

Beyond humanising and stylising the way your brand is perceived by your audience. By producing quality content, you’re also tying your brand to real, perceptible value for your audience.

People love getting something for free, whether that’s an interesting or fun video, informative article or a useful app. Through branding and SEO content, you’re building a loyal and ever-growing audience and customer base.