Benefits of Online Directories

12th September 2011


A new online directory called Creative Gibraltar has listed an array of local artists in various different creative industries, such as Art, Design, Fashion, Web Design and Photography.  Where art meets web design, it has helped to give them recognition for their work, as well as allowing others to seek out local creative services in one place.

Directories can help make it much easier for the customer to look for a service, while driving traffic and potential paying clients to each artist.  They are used for various other industries too, and are a very useful tool for both parties.  The lists can direct people to the website of the individual or business, so that their work can speak for itself and allow potential customers to form an unbiased opinion of them.  Hopefully, in several cases, it will lead to future work or publicity, so it can be beneficial for all.

Online directories can be simple or more extensive.  Some just list the category, along with the company or individual name and website link.  Others can add in extra information such as contact details, including phone number, address and email address, as well as a brief comment.  There may even be a search tool, which allows the web user to locate the listings that match their criteria, perhaps by location.

There are also many self-listed directories available online, where businesses can go to in order to submit their company information as part of their promotional and marketing campaigns.  These are ideal, as it helps to be listed in a website specific to that industry, so that clients who already visit that website may also become interested in them.