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Band’s Success due to Online Funding Programme

Where art meets web design, American band The Audissey have found success after going through an online funding programme for creative-based projects called Kickstarter.com. Their aim was to create a full album and purchase new gear, in order to be used in their performances on stage. They managed to do this through using the website to find 75 funders who donated money to help their dream come true. In total, they managed to raise $8,732. The site helps various types of creative people, including musicians, photographers and designers, to realise their projects by being able to get some funding for them.

In the world of music especially, it can be hard to get anywhere without having some sort of financial backing to help with recording costs and promotion. Without this, it can be a long, slow road to finding success. Even with money, success and fame are not guaranteed, but it definitely does increase your chances if you have the talent already.

Having a website that offers something back to people can really increase the site’s popularity. People can visit Kickstarter to seek out funding for their projects, while those wanting to help can log on to search for opportunities to donate to. The website is a two way street and, therefore, has the potential to attract all sorts of people. It works in a way similar to sponsor sites for charities. People can pledge money and if they get the total amount they need, everyone can then pay up. By sharing the link online with family and friends first, it can then get passed on to people that they know, until more and more are aware and hopefully want to donate money.