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Amazon is now listed 206 in the world

Amazon, an online company which recently turned 18 has captured many headlines since it was established in 1996. But now that is has been listed 206 of Global 500 listing of corporations it looks like it is set to make even more headlines.

From a business that started as an online retailer of books it evolved into a global market place that offers so many products, services and features that it is hard to list them all.

Here at VizionOnline Web design company London we have worked with many businesses over the years that started by trading through Amazon, and thanks to it, were able to grow and develop into successful businesses.

What’s behind this amazing success, and what does the future look like for such a remarkable company? I expect the future of Amazon is bright and the key its success and the company founder describes himself is it “customer focused approach”.

The company has so successfully insinuated itself into the fabric of commerce to such an extent that it’s difficult to imagine it without Amazon.

There are talks about Amazon launching a new service of selling cars, and much more in the future. Whether or not it’s true, it is certain that it is only going to get bigger and better.

What can we learn from Amazon? Its bold approach to business, not shinning away from incorporating more and more new elements into it model.

Amazon can also teach us a lot about user experience centred web design. Amazon is easy to use both for buyers and sellers, with wide range of website options that are available at a click at a button. As a web design company we always looking to the greatest in our industry as an inspiration and Amazon offers us many.