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9 Reasons Why Web Design is So Important

We’re a London website design agency. We spend a lot of time designing, building and fixing websites, and when we’re not doing that we’re usually talking about websites, whether it’s with our clients, colleagues or really anybody who will listen.

However, it’s still worth asking the question: why is web design so important? Isn’t it possible that there are other factors which have a bigger impact on the success/failure of a business? Surely you can run a successful company without spending time/money on website design?

It’s certainly a valid question. However, in our experience the answer is always, “yes, website design really is that important”. Here are 9 reasons why we hold this view:

1. Quality is Everything

In business, success relies upon your ability to deliver a high quality service throughout your company. If your website design is outdated, this both fails to meet this standard and implies that other areas of your business are low-standard.

2. Everything Communicates

Like it or not, everything communicates. This means that your website design, social media presence (or lack thereof) and internet profile will have a big impact on the perception of your company.

3. Design is Everywhere

When it comes to website design, it’s not simply a case of ‘we have it or we don’t’. In our culture, everything is in some way designer, irrespective of whether you like the look of it.

4. Your Website is Your Best Salesperson

It never sleeps, can work in multiple locations at the same time and delivers the same powerful message time and time again. And, if it’s not working for you, it’s very easy to overhaul. Brilliant.

5. Your Competitors Think So

The quality of business website design is continuing to improve sharply across every industry sector. This means that if your website design is outdated then your competitors have gained an immediate advantage over your business. It’s very easy to be left behind in this area.

6. Marketing has Changed

It’s very hard to successfully advertise any area of your business without a strong web presence to back it up. In other words, potential customers who like the look of your products/services will still check out your website before buying. If your website is outdated or visually unappealing, the likelihood is that they won’t buy.

7. Human Beings are Visual

The reason that an attractive website design is so powerful is that we are inherently visual creatures. Effective use of text, graphics, imagery, video etc will have a positive impact on site visitors because it takes into consideration the way that we work.

8. Websites are Fun

We enjoy designing and developing websites, and we enjoy the process of working with clients to create a finished product that they can be proud of. The development of a good website design is an enjoyable process for all involved, including the end user.

9. You Are in Control

In the modern world there are various media that you have no control over. Whilst this has traditionally been through print and word-of-mouth, it’s now very easy to give a negative review through social media, online feedback, ratings websites etc. However, whilst positive and negative reviews are part and parcel of business life, your website is your opportunity to showcase what you can do and why you’re the best at it. Missing out on this opportunity is a big loss.