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2011’s Award Winning Web Fonts

Where art meets web design, various different font types have won awards at the Future of Web Design 2011. Daniel Rhatigan, one of the judges and a top type designer, has said he wanted to show designers that the world wide web can be made interesting and visually attractive through the simple use of different fonts.
Fonts are very important on any website, as they should always match the target market you are aiming at. For example, if it is a children’s website, the text should be simple, large and easy to read. A ‘comedy’ type font, such as Comic Sans, may even be used, as this is informal. Business orientated web pages are likely to have a more formal and professional feel to them, so the font should also match this.
Colour of fonts is also very important. Black is the most common colour, as it is easy to read on light coloured backgrounds and looks professional. Coloured text may be used for children’s websites to add some extra fun to the pages. If the background of a web page is dark, then it is possible to use white text, as this can still look simple and professional yet easy to read. Any other colour may look too informal or cluttered. An aqua on a black background may work quite well though, but colour is best kept to a minimum for the majority of sites aimed at adults.
When using Word or other software to design a website, the font you are looking for may not already be on there. This is where the internet comes in. You can search for and download from an extensive range of fonts on font websites.