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Professional Web Designers are Key for E-Commerce | VizionOnline

With so many online businesses starting up every single day, building your e-commerce business right has become key to success. But like with any other kind of business, it can be useful to skimp in other areas. One such area that sometimes finds itself under the microscope of cost-cutting and DIY approaches are professional web designers. Despite websites being so crucial to all elements of e-commerce, some optimistic entrepreneurs still try to go it alone.


The question really isn’t whether or not you should invest in quality professional web designers, really it’s just how important is quality web design to your business. In most cases, especially in e-commerce, the answer is ‘very’.

Do You Really Need to Invest In Beautiful Web Design?

Well, it really depends on two things. Success and perception. Trying to build an online business without a quality site is like building on bad foundations. Sure, you might adapt and succeed, but things could come crumbling to a halt because of one small thing that wouldn’t have been an issue had you done things properly.

There are also tons of other reasons to invest in proper professional web designers. Here’s just a few of them.

Consumers Are Design Savvy Nowadays Making Professional Web Designers Crucial

Gone are the days when customers really didn’t care one way or another about design. The modern digital consumer is more design savvy than ever, with a huge percentage of individuals stating that they base their snap judgements on whether a company is worth doing business with on the perceived competence and quality of their website.

If you want to sell to people, you have to make sure they like your shopfront and the way you present your wares, the best way to do that is always going to be professional web designers.

Functionality and Aesthetics Are Inseparable

Obviously, every e-commerce business needs a highly functional website, which can handle traffic, speedy page loading times, etc. Aesthetics are a key part of functional site design.

From colour choices to button design, if a website is hard to look at, that’s going to affect functionality in a big, bad way. Best to build a site right from the ground up, and that means quality professional web designers.

Even Colour Choice Makes a Huge Difference

In marketing, it’s long been proven that something as simple as the colour choice can have a wild effect on the ways consumers view different products.

While there are no hard and fast rules for this kind of psychology-cum-marketing, blue seems to be a popular choice in surveys. Which could explain Facebook and Twitter’s choices. Colour design is a crucial part of building a website that people respond right to. This is something skilled professional web designers understand.