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Boost Your Site Performance 2: Innovative Web Development is the Foundation

            Functionality is vital, that’s the focus in this week’s blog post, all about innovative web development. Part two of our series on what you can be doing to boost your website’s performance. All about getting it working as hard as possible for your business.

Even More Important Than Design?

             We all know that web design is key. There’s no getting away from how important it is to have top-notch website design. We went over that in last week’s blog on website design. However, what’s the point of a beautiful looking website if it doesn’t work flawlessly?

Online shopping, TV and movie streaming and social media have all led us into this culture of online instant gratification. That culture has a very low tolerance for websites that are awkward or slow to use. We want slick, quick and effective websites, and even if yours is incredibly pretty, it won’t save you if it’s also awkward to use. Enter innovative web development.

What’s the Difference Between Web Design and Development?

            While website design and development are used interchangeably, they absolutely mean something different. Web design centres on the planning, coordination and look of a website. Making sure it looks fantastic and you can see where everything is. Web development is all about turning that plan into reality. Turning those quality designs and ideas into a slick, fast and functional website. That’s what innovative web development is all about.

Obviously there’s always going to be a crossover between the two. Communication and blurring between designer and developer roles are constant during a big project. Without quality website development elements, however, you just can’t expect a website to function as well as it could. That could prove to be hugely limiting in future.  

How to Make the Most of Innovative Web Development

            When it comes to making sure that your website development is working as hard as possible for your website, there’s a number of things you can be doing. Here are some things any website/business owner can do to make sure that their innovative web development is exactly where they need it to be.

Before Your Site is Live

  • Make sure you know what you want from your website, do your research, prioritise the important things. Centre in on the website’s aims and goals, and cater everything towards these aims
  • Make sure your website developer understands exactly what you’re looking to achieve with your website

While Your Site is Live

  • Once your site is live, it’s tempting to sit back and think that it’s all fine and running now. Don’t rest on your laurels!
  • Make sure that all the necessary maintenance is being done. This means regular software updates etc
  • Maintain an open dialogue with your website developer when it comes to improving and refining your site. This is vital for truly innovative web development