Mobile Website Company London – We design and build high-quality responsive websites that allow you to successfully engage with mobile users, whatever device they’re using. Mobile-friendly website design is a rapidly-emerging concept that is a huge factor in determining whether a business is successful online.

The way that we access the internet has completely changed over the last 5 years. With many of our clients experiencing more than 50% of web traffic from people using a mobile device, it’s essential that you provide a mobile-friendly website experience in order to maintain high customer engagement.

Users with mobile devices require a radically different website experience to desktop users. Your website will benefit from fluid, scalable grids that allow content to be presented in the most helpful way possible for the device in use. Instead of designing for an individual product such as the latest iPhone, our mobile-friendly responsive techniques ensure compatibility with every kind of mobile device.

There are various practical ways in which mobile websites should engage with users. Menus need to be helpfully presented and designed to be easily navigated using a touchscreen. Text should be sufficiently large and easy to read, with buttons and links clearly visible and easily accessed. Whilst desktop users are much more likely to click to access content, mobile users tend to prefer scrolling. This impacts the way that pages are laid out and content is displayed.

Our mobile websites feature the latest web design techniques to ensure that they perform to the very highest standards. Mobile users require your website to be fast loading so that they can easily access your content on the go. We make this possible by optimising images and developing light, fast web pages that deliver excellent load speed.

We can even provide a mobile-first responsive website design approach. This involves starting with mobile users and then upscaling the website for desktop users. By taking a mobile-first approach we can help to future-proof your site and deliver an unbeatable experience for your mobile users.