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Hardcash Productions

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The approach.

Web designers for filmmakers

Hardcash Productions specialises in objective film-making, producing controversial documentaries and investigative films broadcasted on major UK channels. They are multi-award winning and this reflects in their cutting-edge work, raising the bar in investigative documentary film-making.

Our aim was to portray Hardcash exactly as they are with the visuals from their work telling the story. The site needed to act as a simple platform to showcase their work as well as offering an intuitive way to navigate.


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The challenge.

This particular project wasn’t without its challenges. We were aware that the website needed to portray Hardcash in a clear and distinct way, and yet in a manner that those at the agency would be happy to represent them to the wider public.

They were not really interested in all the bells and whistles that often attend similar agencies as they felt it essential that the work they do should supersede that.

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