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Gilden’s Art Gallery

Art Gallery web designers London

WordPress website for leading art gallery Gildens Art

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The approach.

Gilden’s Art Gallery web design

Art Gallery web designers London

Gilden’s Arts are a leading 20th-century art specialist and dealer, family-run with representatives in the UK, Israel and the United States.  They have a gallery in Hampstead Village in North London.

With both an extensive collection of original prints, pieces, and works, as well as expertise in 20th-century art, Gilden’s Arts required an online presence that reflected their extensive collection, authority and prime location gallery.

Gilden’s Arts required a web design that served as something of a gallery online.  This would showcase their many pieces, prints and works, as well as key information, prices and associated pages.

This website needed to be extremely design-centric, given the nature of the industry, while providing straightforward navigation and scope for traffic and ranking optimisation.

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The challenge.

Gilden’s Arts website is a fusion of simple, innovative design, and a user-friendly interface. It effectively showcases their large collection of art pieces, allowing for easy navigation, viewing and providing all the necessary information.

On top of this, the website was optimised to provide consistent online growth, building traffic and ranking, as well as deepening Gilden’s Arts online authority.

Overall the web development project encompassed various facets to it but the main aim here was to marry art with technology and to give a light, bright and engaging browser experience that reflected on a high quality website design.


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