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The approach.

Web company for law firms

Our team has decades of experience working with Law firms in London and throughout the UK.  Our latest acquisition, Judkins Solicitors in Hertford and Hertfordshire.  They  required a complete overhaul of the website designed to modernise the brand online.

Judkins Solicitors is a renowned firm with decades of experience in helping people with injury claims, including loss of limb injuries.  The law firm is a member of the Limb Loss Association.  They provide legal assistance to a wide range of sectors including helping with cases around family law. Other sections include inheritance law, will making, prenups, negligence claims and disputes.

Our designer wanted to express a look and feel that was in keeping with the industry and with which the client would feel comfortable.

Furthermore, the images we chose were bold, interesting and very much to the approval of the client.

Law firm web designer

Viziononline have been excellent in understanding our firm’s needs in the Internet world. They have the expertise required to design and implement our website and advertising campaign. They are innovative in their work and you can rest assured that you are in capable hands

Paul Judkins - Judkins Solicitors


The challenge.

Moving from a traditional style of law firm website design to a modern big and bold design was going to be a challenge but not a difficult one. We knew exactly what direction was needed for this law firm. We showcased our ideas to the client and were able to get approval to move forward with the new direction for their law firm.

web company for law firms

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