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Law Mergers & Acquisitions

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The approach.

Looking to find a law firm web design, this case study highlights our experience in this sector.

With over forty years of experience as legal facilitators, Law Mergers & Acquisitions have been providing expert consultancy guidance to legal firms since the 1980s.

Law Mergers provide a website for legal consultancy and offer real expertise on law practice sales, acquisitions, mergers, bolt-ons, valuations, dispute resolution and help to guide law partners and firms through major business changes. This has helped them cultivate a reputation as industry leaders and nationally recognised for their speciality services.

Law Mergers & Acquisitions needed a website design that conveyed their venerable proven skills and services within their field allowing them to showcase their authority within their industry. Their website needed to convey the right corporate design language, while allowing for ongoing growth in terms of ranking and traffic and catering to its existing clientship.

I have been working with Viziononline since 2007, initially, I appointed them to design and build my first business website.

Over the years, we have developed a close working relationship where they manage my website design and development, SEO, and social media management.

Juliet has been working with me for the last two years in developing my online strategy for the website and social media. During this time, she has gently encouraged me to build new sections in my website to promote my services and law firms for sale in a sympathetic way to my target audience, mainly UK, as well as international law firms.

Juliet’s background working in corporate sales provides a great partnership to my business, guiding me to promote my business, services and grow my lead generation online.

The number of business enquiries has grown significantly and together we find opportunities to market the business online. The success has been measurable and definitely a great return on investment.

I am delighted I appointed Viziononline.

Neville Dinshaw M.D


The challenge.

Web designers for law firms

Building the ideal web presence for Law Mergers & Acquisitions was all about focusing on producing an elegant and user-friendly website design that conveyed their authority and status within the legal industry.

It needed to showcase and present its specialist services while allowing for the implementation of an ongoing digital marketing campaign. This allowed us to deliver a dynamic online presence that not only showcases Law Mergers & Acquisitions services, accreditations and testimonials but also continually provides real results when it comes to traffic, ranking and online growth.

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