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Building the Ideal eCommerce Brand Part 2 – Social Media

1st December 2022

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When it comes to getting your eCommerce business’s social media presence spot on, there’s plenty you can be doing to guarantee the best possible results for your business and brand. Here’s a quick guide to your eCommerce business social media marketing strategy and a handy checklist to help you make actionable changes today.

Define Your Business’s Social Media Goals

When it comes to any marketing approach, the key is to define your goals. Determining exactly what you want to achieve, the strategy of how you’re going to get there, as well as the metrics by which you gauge this, are all vital to avoid excess spending or wasted effort. Social media branding is absolutely no different.

Choose the Right Strategies

Advertise – One of the biggest benefits of using social media right as an eCommerce business is the scope for advertising directly to your given audience. With huge audiences, the ad reach on Facebook alone was $2.17 (£1.77 billion) billion according to HootSuite. The key with advertising lies in precisely identifying your target market and creating a compelling content strategy, as well as using the right analytics and conversion metrics to tweak and shape your approach.

Directly Sell Products – Facebook, TikTok, Instagram and Pinterest all have native built-in selling options for businesses. This can be a profitable accompaniment to your eCommerce website. By making direct use of social media branding, content and marketing while increasing your overall conversions and revenue.

Social Listening – Keeping a finger on the pulse is always necessary, especially when it comes to social media marketing. Having an active eCommerce social media presence allows you to take part in and be tagged in conversations and trends. This can be a marketer’s dream. Through offering insights on favoured products, public attitudes to your brand and helping identify recurrent issues.

Build Brand Awareness – From generating buzz and hype to establishing your authority as a business, social media marketing is a hugely powerful tool for building brand awareness. The key to building great brand awareness is a consistent posting strategy. As well as this, making solid use of a range of channels, formats and content types, engaging with trends and hashtags as well as direct conversations with users.

Communicate Directly with Customers – Lastly, there’s direct communication with your audience. From actually communicating and having conversations to utilising a chatbot in order to direct potential customers twenty-four hours a day, social media can be a powerful tool for directly communicating with your audience.

The Checklist

When it comes to getting social media branding right and turning your business’s social media presence to your advantage. Therefore, there are a number of things you’ve got to get right from the start. Social media marketing results can be slow. That’s why failing to get things right is only going to delay those revenue, engagement and growth gains.

  1. Identify and understand your target audience
  2. Select relevant social media platforms
  3. Create your business profiles
  4. Utilise cohesive social media branding throughout your social media and website
  5. Create content and share away
  6. Identify the most effective content strategy for you
  7. Always be responsive
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