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Boost Your Site Performance 3: Effective Mobile Website Design is Vital

10th August 2020

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In part three of our series on what you can do to boost your website’s performance, we’re talking effective mobile website design, and what you can be doing to make sure that your website is working as hard as possible for your business. Beyond website design and development, this is probably one of the most important elements.

Beyond Web Design, Mobile Responsivity Is Vital

            Failing to provide adequate mobile website design is not only limiting, but it’s failing to plan for a future in which smartphones are sure to be ever-present. It’s a failure to invest in your businesses future, and your longevity.

You’re ignoring a huge chunk of potential online traffic, and when it comes to your competitors, you’re sure to be in the minority. Effective mobile website design is vital for absolutely every business out there nowadays.

Don’t Neglect a Huge Swathe of Potential Visitors

            Just think about all the money people spend on SEO and digital marketing. If you’re failing to embrace effective mobile design, you’re going to be turning away traffic that businesses pay big money to attain. It makes zero sense. According to a study, by next year, mobile e-commerce will soon account for over 50% of sales online. Is that something anyone can afford to neglect?

No One Gets by Without Effective Mobile Website Design Anymore

            Gone are the days where you could thrive with just desktop visitors alone. Businesses require every avenue of traffic possible, and mobile browsers make up a huge percentage nowadays.

Sure, a few years ago, you’d see specialised businesses thinking they could get away with simply having a great desktop website. That was enough for a more niche business back then. But nowadays, everyone has quality effective mobile website design on their side. No business should be without it.

Where You Should Focus for Effective Mobile Website Design

            It can be hard to read the signs of a great effective mobile website, but there are some huge things to look for. Make sure you get these things right and you’ll be away to a flying start. It all essentially comes down to sheer, powerful functionality.

People just want websites that work, and work quickly. Convenience is the name of the game. If your website isn’t offering it, you’ll see your traffic disappearing somewhere where things are easier.  

  • Button Size – We’ve all tried to use a site without effective mobile website design, and had to deal with tiny little buttons. Hardly anyone uses styluses on their phones, so the buttons need to be accurately pressable with a fingertip. This is extremely obvious, but you still see sites getting it wrong. This makes for a massively frustrating user experience.
  • Font Size – Similar to button size, but maybe less impactful. You’ve got to think, what’s the point of having great copy on your website if you’re going to make it so small that visitors can’t read it? Consider cutting down to slightly less text if it comes off as slightly wordy when made bigger. At least be sure to break the text up, and of course, make sure you have quality, engaging copy.
  • Compress Images – Lastly, we’re back to the promise of smartphones, online shopping and just about every element of the digital space; convenience. If you fail to compress the images on your effective mobile website. It’s going to be slow to load and this can have a massive effect on bounce rate and engagement. Make sure the images are compressed and quick to load.
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