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7 Major SEO Trends

8th February 2022

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When it comes to building a powerful SEO presence online, it’s vital to keep an eye on the biggest SEO trends. Make sure you’re doing everything in your power to keep up with the competition and see your website come out on top. Here are seven of the biggest, most powerful SEO trends shaping the web.

The Growth of AI

As Google increasingly prioritises AI technology, especially within their crawler algorithms, we’re going to be seeing smarter and smarter ranking techniques. The upshot of this is simple, websites that are actually useful, interesting and high quality will rise to the top. In one sense, this SEO trend makes things harder, but in another sense, it simply makes prioritising quality an even easier decision.

It’s been the case for years now, but it’s now inescapable. Everyone needs a website that functions 100% on mobile and desktop devices. As an SEO trend, this has long been an important ranking signal for the search engines. This is only getting more important.

Long-Form Content is Valuable

Content is still very much king, but chief amongst content is long-form and rich content. That means real in-depth articles and blogs, as well as using images and video. Essentially, useful, engaging and well-thought-out content. Video, in particular, is steadily growing in importance.

Another key trend that’s long been vital when it comes to making sure your site thrives, on-page SEO optimisation has never been more straightforward and vital to building an effective SEO campaign. Without the solid base of on-page SEO, you’re going to struggle to build all the other vital parts of SEO and digital marketing. Sure, this isn’t much of a new trend, but it’s undeniably important.

Competitor Keyword Analysis is Your Secret Weapon

Keep an eye on what the competition is up to and make sure you’re keeping up! By tracking competitors keyword efforts, you can make sure you’re taking advantage of chinks in their armour, missed keywords, alternate phrasings and the like. Keep an eye on them and keep ahead of them.

Image search has been around a long while now, but increasingly it’s providing opportunities for savvy SEO trend-watchers. Thus allowing them to utilise image SEO optimisation to get a leg up on the competition. The same can be said for video, also another nifty way to make sure you’re covering your keywords and niches as completely as possible.

Better Answers with Rich Snippets

Google has increasingly been prioritising rich snippets as an effective way to answer queries and questions. By tailoring your content right, you can have your content appearing as a snippet. This is hugely powerful for SEO and a massive SEO trends in 2022.

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