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What Does 5G Mean for Mobile Web Designers in 2021?

29th July 2021

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 What Does 5G Mean for Mobile Web Designers in 2021?

 Over the last two years, the 5G roll-out has increasingly promised new and amazing tech developments, and we’re starting to see some of these promises paying off for mobile web designers. From endless HD video to speedy, lightning-fast browsing, 5G streamlines the mobile browsing experience.

Mobile Web Designers Can Use More Video

            Might not seem like a huge thing, but being able to implement as much video as needed throughout websites, and high-quality video too, is going to be hugely useful to mobile web designers looking to create a spectacular HD experience. Already, tasteful video can make for a powerful and sleek-looking homepage. That doesn’t mean go mad with video, however, we still want the website to be quick to load! That’s not even mentioning the marketing and SEO power of video content!

Smoother Mobile Experiences

            Quality mobile web designers understand the importance of seamless responsivity. Devices need to function just as effectively for the same website, and this includes newer tech like wearables. This responsivity and smoothness are going to be the crux of 5G web design for mobile web designers.

The increased web speed gives more leeway for web designers to create more and more exciting sites with greater creative freedom. Not to mention the opportunity to innovate. However, building that smooth, seamless experience is always going to be the first vital step.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

            Despite VR and AR previously having either been something of a novelty or associated with gaming. 5G provides new opportunities for innovation, mobile web designers could soon be seen building websites that are VR responsive. Firefox has already released a VR specific browser, and that’s sure to be the first of many. Combine this with tech like voice search and control. This means there could be a huge range of possibilities when it comes to exciting new ways to browse in future.

Speed is King for Mobile Web Designers

            Lastly, it remains to be said that speed, whether you’re talking page-loading speed, video buffering, whatever, is absolutely vital. That means quality hosting is a must if mobile web designers want to truly harness the power and opportunity of 5G charged web design. For every second of delay on page loading, bounce rate skyrockets. With mobile internet speeds increasing across the board, tolerance for plodding, slow websites isn’t going to be sticking around.

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