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Can a Website Design get Better with Age?

It might seem strange to compare a website design to a bottle of fine wine. After all, surely a brand-new website will only deteriorate over time as new web design trends render it increasingly outdated. However, much like a vintage Bordeaux, a high quality website design has the potential to become increasingly valuable with time. Can a website design get better with age? Absolutely.

There is clearly a lot of truth in the notion that newer websites tend to be better. A brand new website should be developed according to the website design standards and best practice that are current in 2015. In other words, the structure, format and style of the website will be appropriate for today’s world. However, to say that newer websites are always better than old one is simply untrue.

In fact, a well-built website design has the potential to out-gun its more modern rivals if it’s properly maintained. Like any product or service, high quality website design isn’t simply about box-ticking.

Can a website design get better with age? It certainly can. It will, however, need to include some of the following features if it’s going to continue adding value to your business and give your online presence the edge over your competitors.

Can a Website Design get Better with Age?

  • Yes, if you continue to generate awesome content. One of the reasons why new websites sometimes fail to have the impact that their owners anticipate is that they don’t create new content. There are several reasons why creating original content is such an importance facet of a successful website. It’s one of the best ways to drive traffic and increase your conversions. It has a very positive impact on SEO results. It helps to keep you focussed on the key messages that your website is communicating. An older website with hundreds of high-quality articles is much more likely to win customers than a brand-new website which is lacking content.
  • Yes, if you maintain it regularly. Ongoing website maintenance is one of the best ways for business owners to continue improving their website. Over time you will learn what does and doesn’t work; website maintenance allows you to implement improvements that will help you to achieve your website goals.
  • Yes, if you stay creative. There are various ways to achieve this. Alpha-Beta (A/B) testing is one of the best ways to try different ways of presenting your content to see what has the biggest impact. This might include different layouts, colours and types of content. You can also make significant updates to an older site by including new images, updating your portfolio and integrating the latest social media platforms. These are relatively straightforward changes that will have a big impact on the feel of your website.

The goods news is that a good website design can, with plenty of TLC, continue to get better with age. A high quality web design is an investment that will generate significant returns for your business.