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Voice Search is the Next Big Thing in Web Design SEO | VizionOnline

8th April 2019

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voice search web design seo

We’re moving into an era of ever-more convenient and sophisticated technology. Siri no longer just provides hilarious misunderstandings and Alexa and Cortana are in hot pursuit. This means it’s crucial to focus on the ways in which voice search is going to impact digital marketing and web design SEO. 40% of adults now use voice search daily. It’s high time your business was using voice search to get a leg up on the competition.

Mobile Optimise

Before you do absolutely anything else, you need to make sure that your site is completely mobile optimised. The vast majority of voice searches are conducted through mobile devices. That means there’s no point being optimised for voice search if no one can use your site like that.

Mobile optimisation is important anyway, with mobile devices having overtaken desktops in the past few years. No business nowadays can afford to have a website that’s anything less than completely mobile friendly.

It’s crucial to focus on design and functionality when it comes to web design SEO. With the modern digital consumer being more design-savvy than ever. Functionality lies at the core of mobile-friendly design. That means it’s important to start building websites that are easy and intuitive to navigate, with functional forms and absolutely zero pinch-zoom.

Once you have that base, then it’s time to start thinking about voice search web design SEO.

How Voice Search Changes Web Design SEO

One of the biggest ways in which voice search changes things is the keywords searching, planning and implementing. When you type in a search query, you’re much more likely to use a contracted, disjointed version of what we’re looking for, without any connective words. This is something web design SEO needs to take into consideration.

Voice searches tend to be much more conversational. So instead of ‘Chinese takeaway Manchester’, someone might search ‘Where’s the nearest Chinese takeaway’. This massively changes things when it comes to keywords.

Get Up to Date First

It’s crucial when it comes to thinking about voice search that you need to focus on other weaknesses first. While jumping on the voice search wave might be an easy way to get ahead of the competition. It’s important to plug any other leaks you might have first.

That means elements like mobile-friendly optimisation and design, up-to-date aesthetics and functionality, and effective SEO tweaks and changes. Once all that is in place, it’ll be much easier for your web design SEO to focus on voice search. Fundamentally, this is key to getting your site performing as you need it to.

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