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The Top SEO Blogs Every Digital Marketer Should Be Reading

10th September 2021

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We’re going to be looking at twenty of the best SEO blogs that every digital marketer should be reading. Whether you’re looking to develop and broaden your skills or just stay abreast, these blogs should definitely be on your radar.

We have listed these top SEO blogs in order of their ahrefs domain authority scores and we have included a link, screenshot, stats and description for each one.


Ahrefs Authority = 72

Alexa Rank = 51,012

Founded in 2013 by Nathan Gotch, this blog boasts massive long guides and tutorials, perfect for any digital marketer looking to deepen their functional understanding of various areas of SEO techniques and approaches. With plenty of community engagement, this is one to watch if you’re looking to deepen your SEO knowledge.


Ahrefs Authority = 74

Alexa Rank = 131,994

Aside from being a fantastic looking blog, this is one for the real SEO veterans. Maybe not ideal for newbies and beginners, Builtvisible has plenty of super-engaging content for intermediate and advanced SEO practitioners, with a wide range of content and useful info, with a whole lot of technical SEO articles published regularly.

SEO by the Sea

Ahrefs Authority = 74

Alexa Rank = 133,046

Expect articles on SEO, analytics, keyword research, social media, paid search, voice search and a lot of other topics. Written by Bill Slawski, an SEO practitioner and digital marketer since 1996, there’s plenty here for everyone from beginner to advanced SEO people and plenty of content on tech areas surrounding SEO.

Diggity Marketing

Ahrefs Authority = 75

Alexa Rank = 31,614

Matt Diggity’s blog is something special. Not just posting regular, great SEO content, his posts are built on actual tests and data he produces himself. This means there’s a whole lot of really useful fresh information here for SEO practitioners. Beyond that, he also produces a great monthly SEO news email.


Ahrefs Authority = 76

Alexa Rank = 87,320

Hobo-web is one of the best single-author SEO blogs going, boasting long-form SEO-orientated content. Definitely one to follow for everyone involved in SEO and especially as a digital marketer. Expect long posts exceeding five thousand words, written in an engaging and enjoyable manner. While its been a bit quiet recently, there’s plenty of great content to get stuck into here.

Matthew Woodward

Ahrefs Authority = 77

Alexa Rank = 23,262

Starting out in 2012, Matthew’s blog started out as a simple premise, can you build a decent traffic flow without backlinking? After reaching six figures, he branched out further to other topics and areas, retaining a deep focus on SEO topics. Featuring a wide range of interesting content on SEO topics and beyond, there’s plenty to get stuck into here, although not all of it is white-hat.

Cognitive SEO

Ahrefs Authority = 77

Alexa Rank = 20,285

Posting plenty of reliable, engaging and most importantly, useful copy, the Cognitive SEO blog is definitely one to pay attention to. If their growing reader base is anything to go by, you won’t be able to ignore them for much longer anyway!


Ahrefs Authority = 78

Alexa Rank = 10,545

As well as their SEO platform and five SEO tools, Serpstat also offers a solid SEO blog, covering many elements of SEO and digital marketing, as well as analytics, paid marketing and content marketing. On top of this, they also provide updates and case studies for their own tools and platform, useful if you use them.

SEO Book

Ahrefs Authority = 80

Alexa Rank = 27,349

Founded in 2003, SEO Book offers SEO training courses, tutorials and guides, and as you might expect, have a great blog. This guy knows his stuff, and his blog has plenty of really useful posts, regularly published, perfect for any digital marketer looking to deepen their SEO knowledge or stay abreast.


Ahrefs Authority = 82

Alexa Rank = 22,151

Searchmetrics’ blog predominantly focuses on content marketing and SEO, as well as news, trends and events within the digital marketing industry. This blog is great for everyone, from beginners to advanced SEO practitioners, with a wide range of engaging content covering important and relevant topics.

Search Engine Roundtable

Ahrefs Authority = 84

Alexa Rank = 4,757

Founded back in 2003, Search Engine Roundtable is a news blog, regularly publishing five blogs and over daily. Covering all the major events, trends, developments and other important aspects of the digital marketing industry. As a result, this is a perfect blog to follow if you just want to keep up with everything going on!

Search Engine Watch

Ahrefs Authority = 88

Alexa Rank = 9,545

Posting almost daily, Search Engine Watch is an ancient blog by the standard of most of these sites, having been founded way back in 1996. Combining both blog posts and news articles, this is a great one to keep an eye on, both from the perspective of deepening your knowledge as an SEO practitioner and simply staying abreast of developments, events and news.


Ahrefs Authority = 89

Alexa Rank = 10,487

Probably one of the most famous single-author SEO blogs. Backlinko is one of the highest quality SEO blogs out there, providing quality, original content regularly. This is definitely one to follow whether you’re a beginner or advanced SEO practitioner or digital marketer.


Ahrefs Authority = 90

Alexa Rank = 880

Expect one to two posts per week, quality, longer posts and plenty of useful, fresh information. Plenty of data analysis, statistic-driven information and guides for the beginner through to advanced SEO practitioner. Therefore, this is definitely an important one to keep an eye on.


Ahrefs Authority = 90

Alexa Rank = 5,652

You probably already know Yoast as the WordPress SEO plugin. Did you also know they have an amazing blog? Posting a good few times a week. The Yoast blog has a ton of really useful information for everyone from beginner to advanced digital marketer. Take a look, there’s so much useful info on there, definitely worth exploring.

Search Engine Journal

Ahrefs Authority = 90

Alexa Rank = 7,211

Search Engine Journal is another very popular SEO news source, providing up to five posts daily. As far as keeping abreast of SEO developments goes, you can’t really go wrong with Search Engine Journal. Beyond the news posts, they also offer occasional longer form articles and guides. This is useful for SEO practitioners looking to get a handle on new tech releases and techniques.


Ahrefs Authority = 90

Alexa Rank = 953

With over 3,000 blogs posted on SEO and surrounding topics, you can basically find whatever information and guides you need on Semrush. From beginner to advanced digital marketer, you can find guides, tutorials and content that helps you out. Deepening your knowledge, skills and keeping you up to date. In short, there’s a lot of useful stuff here.

Neil Patel

Perfect for a New Digital Marketer Looking to Get to Grips

Ahrefs Authority = 91

Alexa Rank = 1,850

Combining a wide range of SEO and digital marketing topics, Neil Patel’s blog has a lot of really useful, varied content across it. With regularly published new blogs and engaging, interesting topics, there’s a lot here.


One of the Most Well-Known SEO Blogs for a Digital Marketer

Ahrefs Authority = 91

Alexa Rank = 1,612

Definitely one of the most well-known SEO blogs, providing articles and blog posts covering all aspects of SEO and digital marketing. With articles for both the beginner and the advanced digital marketer, there’s lots here for everyone involved in SEO.

Search Engine Land

Top of the List for Blogs Everyone Should be Reading

Ahrefs Authority = 91

Alexa Rank = 13,409

Founded in 2006, Search Engine Land is an SEO news blog, providing around 140 posts per month. Therefore, this is a great place to keep up to date with the current industry happenings and developments. As well as having the domain authority to prove it!

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