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The 9 Crucial Skills That Guarantee eCommerce SEO Success

10th May 2021

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The 9 Crucial Skills That Guarantee eCommerce SEO Success

When it comes to truly thriving in today’s increasingly busy online marketplace, there is nothing more vital than quality eCommerce SEO. Making sure your search engine optimisation efforts are regularly placing your website exactly where it needs to be on SERPs (search engine results page) is beyond important, it is crucial. That is why we have put together a list of nine skills that practically guarantee SEO success.

Technical eCommerce SEO – The Nuts and Bolts

  • Powerful website design and development optimised for SEO at every level. Above all, this understanding is vital for building a website that truly thrives. From coding to understanding plugins and all the language that goes with it all. This is extremely useful for every eCommerce SEO expert today.
  • Technical eCommerce SEO is the underlying nuts and bolts that make everything else work. You will be working twice as hard later if you do not prioritise this from the get-go. The crucial skill here is making sure you are building the best possible website. Not necessarily being the best possible web developer, but making sure you have the best possible site.

Link-Building and Content Marketing – Valuable Content Tying It All Together

  • Quality content writing built around your business, boosting authority, and providing material to link to from your social media pages.
  • The network and resources to produce and publish quality content regularly, as well as strategically linking it all together. Consistency is the name of the game here. As well as continuing to be on point with your technical eCommerce SEO within your content.

Social Media Marketing – Vital for eCommerce SEO

  • Understanding social media, how it works. How to refine your pages, how to combine paid social media marketing with organic eCommerce SEO social media marketing.
  • Consistently understanding your audience to build the brand that your business needs. Brand loyalty is crucial to success. Therefore, you need the right representation on social media and other platforms to achieve this.

Analytics and Strategy – The Icing on the Cake

  • You cannot hope to keep succeeding and growing if you do not utilise analytics thoroughly. Without continually re-appraising your efforts, you will not know what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong. Above all, analytics lights the way forward.
  • Prioritising and strategizing is always going to be key. Should you be pouring more resources into paid eCommerce SEO search results? Should you be focusing more on your organic approach? Is your branding letting you down? Prioritising resources according to analytics and overall performance is vital.
  • Accept that eCommerce SEO is never a finished job! It is a constant process of refinement, updating and checking. Adaptability and new tech play a role, as does diligent consistency. But more than anything, it is vital to accept that SEO is never a finished job. Your website can always be performing better. That is what great eCommerce SEO is all about.
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