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The 7 Worst eCommerce SEO Marketing Mistakes Holding You Back

31st May 2021

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When it comes to standing out in the increasingly busy online marketplace, search engine optimisation has never been more important. From the technical side to the organic and paid techniques, a thorough eCommerce SEO marketing strategy comes together to create solid digital marketing results that’ll see your business getting plenty of traffic and thriving online. However, we’re still seeing far too many businesses making the same mistakes. Here are seven glaring issues many eCommerce sites still make even in 2021.

Lack of Product Descriptions

            I know, creating page after page of unique copy isn’t particularly fun, engaging or inspiring. However, every single product on your website is an opportunity to boost your eCommerce SEO marketing, refine your keyword strategy, demonstrate your authority and improve rankings, and sadly, far too few eCommerce websites are making use of this.

Plagiarised Product Descriptions

            It’s tempting to use the manufacturer’s product descriptions on your eCommerce site, making sure you’ve got a bit of copy for each product, but this can have a backlash as far as search engines are concerned. To search engines like Google, using copy like this, already published content is basically no better than plagiarism, and that puts a solid black mark against your website when it comes to rankings. Unique content is always going to be invaluable.

Lack of Reviews Kills eCommerce SEO Marketing Results

            Reviews are a huge authenticity and authority signal to search engines and customers alike, proving that you have nothing to hide and that your products are good. Featuring reviews is always going to be a powerful move. It also looks absolutely great to potential customers, helping build trust and loyalty while boosting SEO rankings.

Duplicate Content

            Having the same copy for similar products and various pages all over your site isn’t a good idea. It reeks of keyword stuffing and it doesn’t make your site look particularly high quality to search engines. Some duplication is always going to happen, this is unavoidable, but keep it to the minimum.

Slow Websites are Terrible for eCommerce SEO Marketing

            It’s long been a fact that slow websites rank lower and have higher bounce rates. It’s a hugely limiting factor that’ll see your eCommerce site regularly underperforming for no good reason. Get your website up to speed and you’ll see better results.

Internal Linking is Vital for eCommerce SEO Marketing

            Internal linking throughout your website is also an important technique. By presenting this spiderweb of links, you boost the individual pages rankings. On top of thoroughly tying your site together, while providing organic clickthrough traffic from visitors. This is an important element when it comes to onsite SEO.

Lack of Sharing Functionality and Social Media Integration

            Social media is always going to be vital to eCommerce SEO marketing in this day and age. This is exactly why you need a big and obvious social media sharing button on your content pages. That’s as well as plenty of links to and from your social media pages throughout the site.

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