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Stronger Together – Web Design and SEO Should Always Be Done Together

With an exploding online marketplace, competition is only going up for websites. That’s why when it comes to getting your website up and running, and making sure it’s doing all that it can in terms of web page ranking, you need to combine web design and search engine optimisation.

It’s More Powerful

            When it comes to succeeding online, no website can get anywhere without traffic, and SEO is the wizardry of turning a site from a graveyard to a train station, in terms of traffic. It’s a case of tweaking all the right bits, and adding in descriptions and elements all aimed at the search crawlers, allowing your site to look every bit as great to search engines as it does to everyone else.

But the real power and potential of SEO comes when it’s performed at every level of a site. When a site is built with SEO in mind, not only is there less SEO to be done at the end of the day, but it’s also going to rank better than sites with SEO features tacked on afterwards. In short, it’s more powerful.

It’s Quicker

Getting your online business off the ground and running strong can be a slow, expensive process, and it’s always going to be the case that the quicker you’re getting customers flowing in and some revenue coming your way, the sooner you’re going to succeed.

The trouble is, when broken apart, web design and SEO can require two completely separate companies to perform their tasks, getting the website built and running, and then optimising it to succeed on various search results pages.

The fact is, without that handover, or sourcing multiple companies, you’re going to be getting your website sooner, and not just your website, but a functional online presence, generating footfall and getting the attention any online business needs to absolutely thrive.

It’s Cheaper

It’s pretty simple really. If you’re using a website designer to build the website, and paying them for their work, and then having to go through the faff of getting another SEO company in to optimise and work on your websites SEO potential, not only are you wasting time, but you’re going to be spending substantially more than you actually have to.

Finding the right company which can perform both roles perfectly, giving your company the website that best represents you, while getting all those little SEO tasks and optimisations done along the way is always going to be the ideal solution, and it’s always going to be cheaper. Not only that, but chances are that the site is going to perform better, as it’s got SEO features and elements built in at the base level.

At the end of the day, when it comes to starting up a business, it’s all about keeping costs as low as possible, and making sure you’re not frivolously spending at all. Wasting money and time on multiple companies at this stage is pretty frivolous!