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Why Organic Website Design SEO isn’t a Quick Fix | VizionOnline

15th April 2019

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Even with so many businesses utilising a huge variety of digital marketing and website design SEO techniques in order to put their website in front of the right demographics, there’s still a degree of confusion among businesses about how SEO works, and how it helps to build online visibility.

It’s a very rare website that doesn’t stand to benefit from more traffic, and the subsequent conversions and leads. However, SEO is not magic, it’s not going to result in a 3000% increase in traffic overnight. Here’s why that is.

Adjust, Tweak and Re-Adjust Website Design SEO

We do a lot when optimising a website. From all the more technical elements, including page loading speed, meta descriptions, and SEO titles to mobile optimisation, voice optimisation, and general design quality, it’s not always a speedy job.

Then there’s content quality and freshness, lack of plagiarism, links to other sites and links back to you. All these are simply signals to Google that your site is quality, high-authority and valuable.

While these kinds of techniques are proven and effective, that doesn’t mean Google is spilling its secret sauce and letting us know exactly what makes its algorithm tick. So there’s always going to need to be some trial and error. Testing and adjustment.

That means your website design SEO optimising a website, sitting back for a week, and reading the data, bounce rates, etc. and tweaking the appropriate elements. It’s through this cycle of testing that the best-optimised sites find themselves in number one position.

Organic Traffic is Best

The advantage of true, organic traffic finding its way to your site is huge. Not only do these visitors actually want to end up there, but they got there through genuine means, without sponsored links or anything like that.

Organic traffic from website design SEO is great because it communicates trust, as well as being far more lasting than the short term gains of PPC or black hat type techniques. These approaches do have their place, however.

Black Hat and Paid Techniques are Useful but Fleeting

Nowadays, many sniff at the idea of using paid techniques to get their website the attention it needs. It seems cheap to people. It’s true, it’s an expensive and limited long-term approach. However, as part of a balanced website design SEO strategy, it can prove very effective indeed.

The problem with organic SEO techniques is that they’re slow-burning. However, once they get going, they’re here to stay. It’s the opposite with paid techniques, you’ll see instant results, but they won’t be here for long. That’s why it’s extremely effective to use both organic and paid SEO techniques in tandem to get your site where you need it to be and keep it there.

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